Welcome to the errata page. As Perfection does not exist, OrganScore volumes are subject to text errors calling for correction. Corrections can also be motivated by (very) occasional changes in editorial choices. They are logged in the form of pdf files where errors or editorial changes are explicitly illustrated so as to be quickly understandable. Here is an example:

Correction Kit Example
Errata File Page Example

Scope : Each correction is dated and is relevant only if you purchased your score before the mentioned date.

How to correct: Most corrections can be done by hand on your score with a black pen (accidental, dot, tie, clef or note to add, etc.), using sometimes also a tape eraser (wrong note pitch, item to delete, etc.); each correction takes a few seconds.

Print/Paste : In a few more complex cases, you may wish to have a perfect correction on your score; for such cases, you may want to print/cut/stick the correction onto your score; each corrected extract has the scale to fit exactly in the scores. Therefore, make sure you print without any scaling, and if possible, use an ivory coloured paper similar to that of the original scores. The pages in the files are in A4 format but their content may as well be printed on US-letter sheets as soon as a “no scaling” option is used.

Entire bars or systems : If the correction modifies spacing within a bar or a whole system, the necessary contiguous bars are included or even the entire system. Entire systems are split in two parts to fit in the paper (A4 or US-Letter).

Contribution : Many corrections have been proposed by score users themselves. Please do not hesitate to report any error or send any question on editorial matters to our contact email.

Errata files for download

(One file per volume)

20/11/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-001-(Bach-Vol-I).pdf
01/09/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-002-(Bach-Vol-II).pdf
16/02/2024 – ERRATA-OSC-003-(Bach-Vol-III).pdf
17/08/2021 – ERRATA-OSC-004-(Bach-Vol-IV).pdf
11/05/2022 – ERRATA-OSC-005-(Bach-Vol-V).pdf
01/06/2022 – ERRATA-OSC-007-(Bach-Vol-VII).pdf
08/06/2022 – ERRATA-OSC-008-(Bach-Vol-VIII).pdf
31/01/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-009-(Bach-Vol-IX).pdf
15/12/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-011-(Buxtehude-Vol-II).pdf
05/09/2022 – ERRATA-OSC-012-(Buxtehude-Vol-III).pdf
20/11/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-014-(Franck).pdf
03/05/2021 – ERRATA-OSC-015-(18-Pieces-Symphoniques).pdf
30/11/2021 – ERRATA-OSC-016-(Vivaldi).pdf
20/06/2022 – ERRATA-OSC-017-(Mendelssohn-Vol-I).pdf
03/05/2021 – ERRATA-OSC-020-(Vierne-PF-Vol-II).pdf
03/05/2021 – ERRATA-OSC-021-(Mozart).pdf
03/05/2021 – ERRATA-OSC-022-(Soler).pdf
21/03/2022 – ERRATA-OSC-023-(Debussy).pdf
14/12/2021 – ERRATA-OSC-024-(St-Saens-Vol-I).pdf
03/05/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-026-(Grigny).pdf
15/01/2024 – ERRATA-OSC-035-(Widor-no-5).pdf
20/11/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-036-(Widor-no-6).pdf
20/10/2023 – ERRATA-OSC-043-(Vierne-no-3).pdf