18 “Brilliant” Symphonic Pieces

18 “Brilliant” Symphonic Pieces


18 Pièces Brillantes de l’Orgue Romantique et Symphonique,
No Page Turn Problem / Ohne Umblätterproblem
(entirely playable without a page turning assistant)

OSC 015 — ISMN : 979-0-707109-15-1
37.5cm x 29.7cm (+binding)
80 pages — 120g/m²

The romantic and symphonic organ repertoire is rich in brilliant works intended to make the organ sound in all its splendor. This volume offers a variety of festive works suitable for concert or church (typically for the end of a service or for a wedding ceremony). The content is particularly focussed on famous works by nineteenth century French and Belgian composers. Page turn elimination is particularly efficient in breathless toccatas where hands cannot leave the keyboard and the performer has to keep concentrated on the music flow and on stop changing.


A.P.F. Boely – Fantasy and Fugue en B-flat major [3 pages]
A.P.F. Boely – Allegro in F minor [2 pages]
J.N. Lemmens – Fanfare in D major [2 pages]
J.N. Lemmens – Finale in D major [4 pages]
Th. Dubois – Toccata in G major [4 pages]
E. Gigout – “Grand Choeur dialogué” in G major [4 pages]
E. Gigout – Scherzo in E major [3 pages]
E. Gigout – Toccata in B minor [2 pages]
A. Guilmant – Finale in D minor [6 pages]
A. Renaud – Toccata in D minor [4 pages]
A. Renaud – Toccata in D major [2 pages]
J. Grison – Toccata in F major [8 pages]
J. Callaerts – Toccata in E minor [4 pages]
A. Mailly – Toccata in D minor [5 pages]
L. Boëllmann – Final in C major [5 pages]
L. Boëllmann – Toccata (“gothique”) in C minor [4 pages]
P. Fletcher – Festival Toccata, in C major [6 pages]
R. Renzi – Toccata in E major [6 pages]

(3 or 4 pages = 1 page turn, 5 or 6 pages = 2 page turns)

Weight 640 g
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 1 cm