N. de Grigny : Complete Organ Works

N. de Grigny : Complete Organ Works


N. de Grigny: Complete Organ Works
No Page Turn Problem / Ohne Umblätterproblem
(entirely playable without a page turning assistant)

OSC 026 – ISMN : 979-0-707109-26-7
37.5cm x 29.7cm (+binding)
76 pages — 120g/m²

Nicolas de Grigny’s organ work is considered to be one of the most accomplished example of French baroque organ music. Although most French baroque and classical music consists of short pieces intended for the catholic liturgy, Grigny’s works are more developed than average. His fugues, dialogues, ‘Récit en taille’, the Offertoire, and many other pieces benefit greatly from being edited with no page turns. Therefore, Grigny’s organ work deserved a place of choice in the OrganScore collection.

The ‘first’ and unique ‘Livre d’Orgue’ by Nicolas de Grigny (1672-1703) was engraved and published in 1699, and republished in 1711. Two handwritten copies of the work also exist, one by J.S. Bach (1685–1750), and the other by J.G. Walther (1684-1748). These three sources have been taken into account for the OrganScore edition, but among them, only the Ballard 1699/1711 edition should be considered the original source.

The main feature of the OrganScore edition is to allow the performer to play without being preoccupied about turning pages. To accomplish this, the number of page turns has been drastically reduced compared to other editions thanks to a large page format, and the inevitable turns have been judiciously positioned.

In several places the original Ballard edition is obviously erroneous and requires correction either by reference to the Bach and Walther manuscripts, or by pure conjecture. Therefore, we have seen fit to add footnotes for important corrections, together with alternative readings if necessary.


Kyrie – 1. Premier Kyrie en taille à 5
Kyrie – 2. Fugue à 5 sur le chant du Kyrie
Kyrie – 3. Cromorne en taille à 2 parties
Kyrie – 4. Trio en Dialogue
Kyrie – 5. Dialogue sur les Grands Jeux
Gloria – 1. Et in Terra Pax, à 5
Gloria – 2. Fugue
Gloria – 2. Duo
Gloria – 4. Récit de Tierce en Taille
Gloria – 5. Basse de Trompette
Gloria – 6. Dialogue
Gloria – 7. Fugue à 5
Gloria – 8. Trio
Gloria – 9. Dialogue
Offertoire sur les Grands Jeux
Sanctus – 1. Premier Sanctus, en Taille à 5
Sanctus – 2. Fugue
Sanctus – 3. Récit de Tierce pour le Benedictus
Dialogue de Flûtes pour lʹÉlévation
Agnus Dei – 1. Premier Agnus [Plein‐Jeu]
Agnus Dei – 2. Dialogue
Dialogue à 2 Tailles de Cromorne et 2 dessus de Cornet
Plein Jeu

Veni Creator – 1. Plein‐jeu en taille à 5
Veni Creator – 2. Fugue à 5
Veni Creator – 3. Duo
Veni Creator – 4. Récit de cromorne
Veni Creator – 5. Dialogue sur les grands jeux
Pange lingua – 1. [Plein Jeu] En taille à 4
Pange lingua – 2. Fugue à 5
Pange lingua – 3. Récit du chant de lʹHymne précédent
Verbum supernum – 1. [Plein jeu]
Verbum supernum – 2. Fugue à 5
Verbum supernum – 3. Récit en dialogue
Verbum supernum – 4. Récit de Basse (Tr/Cr)
Ave maris stella – 1. [Plein Jeu à 5]
Ave maris stella – 2. Fugue à 5 [à 4]
Ave maris stella – 3. Duo
Ave maris stella – 4. Dialogue sur les Gr. Jeux
A solis ortus – 1. [Plein Jeu]
A solis ortus – 2. Fugue à 5
A solis ortus – 3. Trio
A solis ortus – 4. Point d’Orgue sur les Gr. Jeux.

Weight 610 g
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 1 cm