A. Soler : 6 Concertos for two Organs

A. Soler : 6 Concertos for two Organs


A. Soler : 6 Concertos for two Organ
No Page Turn Problem / Ohne Umblätterproblem
(entirely playable without a page turning assistant)

OSC 022 — ISMN : 979-0-707109-22-9
37.5cm x 29.7cm (+binding)
62 pages — 120g/m²

Antonio Soler, born in Catalonia in 1729, was in his late life chapel master and organist at the monastery of San Lorenzo del Escorial. In 1768, he became the master of music of the prince Don Gabriel de Borbón. In 1773, the prince built an instrument consisting of two facing chamber organs. Soler most probably composed the ‘6 conciertos’ for these instruments, between 1773 and 1783. These concertos are also suitable for two harpsichords, or an organ + harpsichord combination. As usual, the edition avoids page turning problems. The Preface in four languages by Jean Louchet (French, English, Spanish and Portuguese) provides interesting and useful up-to-date historical and organological information.


1° Concierto (C)
2° Concierto (a)
3° Concierto (G)
4° Concierto (F)
5° Concierto (A)
6° Concierto (D)

Weight 520 g
Dimensions 38 × 30 × 1 cm